Airmen Memorial Museum

Airmen Memorial Museum


+1 (301) 899-8386

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00


Located in Suitland, Maryland, one mile from Andrews Air Force Base. Visitors may take the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495), exit 7B and turn right onto Auth Road.


Airmen Memorial Museum Suitland, Maryland

  • Eddie Ward’s pilot’s license and identification tag
  • Fabric portions of American and German planes from WW I
  • John Richter’s Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Ulysses Nero’s 1923 Parachute Jump trophy, the flag that adorned his coffin at his funeral at ArlingtonNational Cemetery in 1980
  • An enlisted airman’s canteen that was carried on the infamous Bataan Death March
  • An airman’s World War II Blood Chit and silk escape map
  • WW II sketches drawn by enlisted artist Nathan Glick
  • A Norden bombsight
  • The Orderly Room Duty Roster
  • A Japanese officer’s sword and flying helmet (traded for by an enlisted airman)
  • An A-2 flight jacket
  • An enlisted man’s letter written from Hitler’s Headquarters on Hitler’s personal stationary
  • The personal effects of four airmen who flew on the historic Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb missions
  • WW II color photography and aviation art of former enlisted airman, William S. Phillips
  • The uniforms of CMSAF #2 Donald Harlow and CMSAF #4 Thomas Barnes.