B-52 Lake

B-52 Lake/Hồ B52/Hồ Hữu Tiệp

To reach B-52 Lake, head out of the City on Phan Dinh Phung until you see a bright red sign on the left that reads “May Bay B-52”. Turn down the narrow side street marked by the sign until you reach the lake.

Aircraft tail

B-52 Lake Hanoi

56-0608 Boeing B-52D Stratofortress

This is the remains of “Rose 1”, a B-52D shot down over Hanoi on December 19, 1972. The aircraft landed in a lake in the Ba Dinh district, now named “B-52 Lake”. Of the crew of six, four bailed out and became PoWs and the other two were killed in the crash.

picture John Tomlinson