Canadian Starfighter Museum

Canadian Starfighter Museum

604 Club Road, St.Andrews Airport

St.Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3P5


+1 (204) 256-2868

The museum’s official opening will take place sometime in mid-2018, although visitors, by appointment (, are welcome now

Aircraft collection

Canadair CF-104 Starfighter 12703 RCAF, Canadian Starfighter Museum

12703 Canadair CF-104 Starfighter
The museum also has a complete Canadair CAE F-104 Operational Flight and Tactics Trainer (a flight simulator), a separately mounted Orenda J79-OEL-7 afterburning turbojet (the Canadian Starfighter’s power plant), and an ejector seat.
The restoration of the first RCAF CF-104 to fly in Canada is now almost completed. The Rollout is slated for July of 2018 to correspond with the actual Rollout of 703 in July of 1961.
Canadian Starfighter Museum the most complete museum dedicated to the CF-104.