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Glider collection

Bowlus Senior Albatross NC219Y, National Soaring Museum

Builder Designation Nickname Built Reg # Status
Backstrom EPB-1A Flying Plank 1954 N7634B Storage
Backstrom EPB-1C Flying Plank 1963 N19C Storage
Baker McMillen Cadet 1929 G10265 Storage
Berkshire Concept 70 1972 N6BM Storage
Bowlus BS-100 Super Albatross 1942 N33658 Storage
Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross 1938/44 Exhibit
Bowlus BA-102 Baby Albatross 1941 N33630 Storage
Bowlus Senior Albatross 1933 NC219Y Exhibit
Briegleb BG-12BD 1972 N12RK Exhibit
Chanute-Herring 1896 Exhibit
Croff Batwing 1935 (c.) Storage
Culver Rigid Midget 1947 N90871 Storage
DFS Olympia-Meise 1947 N74ZH Exhibit
Elmira Dagling Primary 1929 Exhibit
Franklin PS-2 1930 G12185 Exhibit
Franklin PS-2 1930 N4524 On Loan
Franklin PS-2 1930 (c.) Storage
Franklin-Stevens PS-2 1938 NX20646 Restoration
Franklin PS-2 1930 N451Y Restoration
Glasflugel BS-1 1967 N Storage
Glasflugel H-301 Schuemann Libelle 1967 N25KD Exhibit
Glasflugel H-301B Libelle 1966 N260E Exhibit
Goppingen III Minimoa 1935 G16923 Exhibit
Goppingen I Wolf 1935 N31635 Exhibit
Gross Sky Ghost 1933 G11348 Exhibit
Hall Cherokee II RM 1953 N1658 Storage
Hall Ibex 1967 N63P Storage
Herring-Arnot 1897 On Loan
Hutter H-17 1934 CF-RCD Exhibit
Johnson Adastra 1960 N4921C Storage
Laister LP-15 Nugget 1970 N3MH Exhibit
Laister-Kauffman LK-10A 1942 N54191 Exhibit
Marske Genesis I 1994 N94GC Exhibit
Miller Tern 1965 N8591 Storage
Mitchell Nimbus III 1956 N7864 Storage
Mitchell U-2 1984 N103WT Storage
Nelson BB-1 Dragonfly 1949 N4ND On Loan
Nelson Hummingbird 1953 N68584 Storage
Nelson Hummingbird 1954 N68583 On Loan
Niemi Sisu N6391X Storage
Niemi Sisu 1-A 1964 N255JB On Loan
P2L-Swidnik PW-5 “Smyk” N737BS Storage
Peel Flying Boat 1929 On Loan
Perl PG-130 Penetrator 1953 N8146H Storage
Phoebus C 1969 N1770 Storage
Pratt-Read PR-G1 1942 N5346G On Loan
Prue IIA 1964 N86671 Storage
Prue 215 195? Storage
Rogallo Hang Glider 1972 Exhibit
Ross R-6 1956 N34H Storage
Ross-Johnson RJ-5 1948-50 N79T Exhibit
Scheibe L-Spatz 55 1955-56 N1346B Storage
Schleicher ASW-12 1965 N491V On Loan
Schleicher Ka-6E 1965 N139N Exhibit
Schreder HP-8 Airmate 1958 N34Y Restoration
Schreder HP-10 1961 N4718G Storage
Schreder HP-11A Airmate 1964 N4777G Exhibit
Schreder HP-16 1971 N45HP Storage
Schreder HP-18 1976-84 N1YV Exhibit
Schweizer SGP 1-1 Primary 1989 N50SZ Exhibit
Schweizer SGU 1-7 1937 NR23036 Exhibit
Schweizer SGU 1-19 1946 N91806 Storage
Schweizer SGU 1-19 1945 Exhibit
Schweizer SGU 1-19 1945 CF-ZBE Storage
Schweizer SGU 1-23D 1964 N91899 Exhibit
Schweizer SGS 1-23HM 1954 N94298 On Loan
Schweizer-Burr SGS 1-24 Brigadoon 1953 N91888 On Loan
Schweizer SGS 1-26 1954 N91889 On Loan
Schweizer SGS 1-26E 1971 N36122 Exhibit
Schweizer SGS 1-29 1948 Storage
Schweizer SGS 1-35 1972 N17900 Exhibit
Schweizer SGS 2-8 1941 N10VV Storage
Schweizer SGS 2-12 1943 N61279 On Loan
Schweizer SGS 2-32 1964 N2767Z Storage
Schweizer SGS 2-32 1964 N8600R On Loan
Slingsby UT-1 Dawydoff Cadet 1943 N30422 Storage
Slingsby Kirby Gull 1946 N41829 Restoration
Slingsby T-3 Grasshopper Primary 195? Storage
Slingsby Type T43 Skylark III 1959 3BCFZDH Storage
Waco CG-4A 1942 (c.) Exhibit
Wright (Replica) 1902 Glider Exhibit
Wright (Replica) 1911 Glider Exhibit
Zoegling Primary 1928 Exhibit

Large collection of sailplanes, dating from the late 1890s to the late 20th century. Many of them are on permanent display, while others are currently stored in our Heritage Hanger or being restored in the Restoration Shop.