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Letecke Muzeum:

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Address: Mladoboleslavská ul. (letištĕ Praha - Kbely) Back to Czech Republic
City: Prague 9 - Kbely


9825  MiG-23BN Caslav 35 years c/s

9825  MiG-23BN Caslav 35 years c/s

Zip code: 197 00
Country Czech Republic
Web site: www.militarymuseum.cz
Contact: museum@army.cz
Phone: +420 973 207 513
Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00
Gift shop:  
How to get there:  

gate guard:
0212          MiG-21F-13

outside display:
OK-70        XL-29
0538          Mi-4
(0313)       Mi-8T unmarked
?               MiG-15 unmarked
2626          MiG-15UTI-P
3255          MiG-15bisSB
(0101)       MiG-17PF unmarked
0872          MiG-17F
0414          MiG-19S
0813          MiG-19P
0308          MiG-21PF
4405          MiG-21MFN
7705          MiG-21MF
9332          MiG-21UM
2406          MiG-23ML
3646          MiG-23MF special devil c/s, 50 years
7905          MiG-23U bat on nose
9825          MiG-23BN Caslav 35 years c/s
6513          Su-7BKL
4006/31     Su-22M-4
9098          Su-25K
(35518)/11 J.35J F10 mks
37957/56    AJSF.37 F21 mks

2507          Antonov An-26

2107          Il-28B

1212          TS-11 Iskra

display hall A:
5               A-18C replica
A.12.4       AE-12 replica
A18.5        A-18 replica
C49           S-218 real?
E2              Ap-32 replica
E10            S-20 rebuild
H6             B-534 replica
L-BALB       A-10 replica
L-BUCD      Ab-11 replica
OK-TBX      Zlin Z-XII replica
- Elsnic      EL-2M c/n 5
-                HM-14 real

0414          Aero XL-160 Brigadyr

display hall B:
1077         MS.230
FT422       AT-16 ex KLu B-67
TE565/NN-N Spitfire LF.IX Czechoslovak mks
R5148/35  Tiger Moth real id PG627!
12338/38   Il-2M3
77             La-7
SP-BHA      CSS-13 (Po-2) c/n 20891
7               Li-2F

V-35          Avia CS-92

display hall C:
5502          B-33 (Il-10)
1727          C-11 (Yak-11)
0010          L-29

0414          XL-160
76              L-39M nose only, mock up
3905/X-05  L-39
1125          L-200
1720          MiG-15bis
1015          MiG-17PF
1043          MiG-19PM
0613          MiG-21F-13
1501          MiG-21R wolf on nose
3922          MiG-23MF bat on nose
9863          MiG-23BN nose only

8003          MIG-29
5616          Su-7BM
30              Yak-17 license built S-100?
10              L-4J
A-27           C-104 (Bu.131)
B-2530        Mi-2
HO-20         K-65 (Fi.156)
HX-51         Yak-23 license built A-101?
LB-05          C-3A (Si.204) rebuilt, fuselage of NC-702
UA-264        C.106 (Bu.181)
UC-26          CS.199 (Bf.109)
UC-36          Z-26
UF-25          S-199 (Bf.109)
  Aero 45
OK-FRE        Zlin 22
OK-FRI         Z-26
OK-IRG        Z.50LS
OK-KHN       L-40
OK-KMA       Z.226A
OK-KOS        Aero L-60
OK-08          Avia TOM-8
OK-09          Aero/VZLU HC-2
OK-045        Moravan Z-135
OK-0711       Z-425
OK-0835       Letov VT-7
OK-1240       Z-130
OK-1724       LG.124.35
OK-1900       VSB-66
OK-2209       Let LF-109
OK-2408       Orlican VT-16
OK-4835       L-13 Blanik
OK-5069       Sk.38 Komar
OK-5629       Zlin 23
OK-6202/71  Blanik
OK-6702       L21
OK-8055       Baby IIb
OK-8233       Z-24
OK-8853       Z-25
OK-9801       VSM-40
OO-FRE        Zlin Z-22
DM-WKB       Z-326AS
-                  Vimik? ultra light
-                  Elsnik EL-2 M Sedy (glider)
-                  ZK Kubat
-                  VZLU HC-4 unfinished prototype
04                PE80 drone
10                E50 drone
12-09           Letov KT-04 drone
67-031         VZLU C-02B drone
8219            VR-3 UAV

small display hall:
AE-10.21     Ae.10
-                 Avia BK-11 replica with original parts
S2.16          Letov S-2
2                Spad S.VII C.1

compound behind toilet block:
3x              L-29
(38 )          CM.170 ex FAF
2x              MiG-15
315            NC.702 Martinet

storage on airfield:
(2904?)       An-24
3108           Avia 14T
(6102)        Avia 14FG
OK-MCI       Avia 14 c/n 076805119
(0501)         Il-28U
(2303)         Il-28RT
6926/BA-51  Il-28RTR
(2710)         Li-2D
1x               Mi-8
3x               MiG-21
2x               MiG-23
(1017)         Su-7
(0723)         Yak-40
(EG247)       Meteor F.8
(XT899)/B    Phantom FGR.2
(OK-NAA)     Il-18V c/n 189001604
OK-LDA        Tu-104
This is all visible from the railway on the west side of the airfield (apart from the Australian Sabre which we saw from the museum terrain).

storage compound next to entrance:
4x               L-39
(33wh)         L-39
(XL-20?)       L-410 brown c/s
(0751)         Mi-4
(2143)         Mi-4A
1232            Mi-8T
(1)713         MiG-15SB
2611            MiG-15UTI
4186            MiG-15 probably 1186?
1x               MiG-15 had "4" or possibly "44" in serial, 3841?
0742            MiG-19P
(1006)         MiG-19S
1x               MiG-21 had "14" in serial
5x               MiG-21
(5919)         Su-7BKL
6428            Su-7BKL

V-34            Avia S-92

30               Yakolev Yak-17

8550           Lockheed T-33A

J-1161        de Havilland Vampire

5831           Aero L-159B
0709           Mil Mi-24V

6050           Mil Mi-24DU

3905/X-05  L-39 prototype

3905/X-05  L-39 prototype

OK-LDA  Tupolev Tu-104

OK-LDA  Tupolev Tu-104


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