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 Vilu War Museum:

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Address: Vilu Village, Solomon Islands Back to Solomon Islands
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Lockheed P-38F-1 Lightning (wreck)

Lockheed P-38F-1 Lightning (wreck)


Updated Version

City: Vilu
Zip code:  
Island: Guadalcanal
Country: Solomon Islands
Web site:  
Opening hours: Daily: 09:00 - 17:00
Admission prices: Yes
Gift shop:  
How to get there: Travel west from Honiara town past White River and then past the various beaches.
From Bonegi Beach (preceded by the first field of tall red barked palms on the right hand side of the road) travel a further 10 minutes (depending on your speed) before reaching the end of the sealed road (you will cross several bridges and a stream).
Once reaching the unsealed road travel 1.3km and then turn left when you see and old metal unused sign pole (the top part where the sign would be is white, rectangular with a cross through it).
Follow this road for about 800m.
Go through the gate and keep following the road until you come into a small opening with an old “Vilu Museum” sign. You can park your car here.
Aircraft collection:

The Vilu Village War Museum has a large collection of World War II wreckage.






Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless (wreck)

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat (wreck)

Lockheed P-38F-1 Lightning (wreck)

Mitsubishi G4M3 (wreck)

Vought F4U-1 Corsair (wreck)


Japanese 105mm Howitzer

 Japanese 150mm Howitzer (with Split under Barrel)

 500lb Bomb Casing – nearly intact

 Japanese 150mm Howitzer Breach Block

 Japanese 150mm Howitzer

 Japanese 150mm Howitzer (with 3 Bullet Holes - 2 in Guard & 1 Barrel Front & 40mm Cannon Hole from back through to barrel)

 Japanese Tank Turret with Rocket & Bullet Holes from Matanikau River Mouth

 2nd American Flag Pole from Henderson (1st was wooden)

 Japanese 75mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

 Japanese Zero Drop Tank

 Japanese Betty Bomber Forward Gunners Position (Nose Cone)

 Japanese Aircraft Wing

 American OS2U Float Plane Centre Pontoon

 American OS2U Float Plane Centre Pontoon

 Aircraft Wing - American - Blue Star in White Circle (Adjusted)

 Aircraft Wing - American - White Star in Blue Circle with Red Dot in Centre (Start of War – but removed real quick when getting shot at by own aircraft)

 Aircraft Wing

 Japanese ?mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

 Japanese Memorial – August 1983

 American Memorial

 HMAS Canberra Memorial

 RNZAF Memorial (with Concrete Emblem from Henderson’s Kiwi Camp/Headquarters)

 American P400/P-39 Airacobra Engine

 American P-38 Lightening Cockpit & Engines (with Rubberised Bullet Seal Tanks, and, Cockpit Glass)

 American F4U Corsair Cockpit Area (with Rubberised Bullet Seal Tanks)

 American SBD Douglas Dive Bomber with Tail Hook but with fixed wings (Pieces put together, check out the Machete Cuts)

 American TBD Devastator or TBF Avenger Bomb Bay with the Piano Hinge

 US Depth Charge Tail - Round

 Japanese Depth Charge Tail - Square

 Artillery Air Burst Parachute Flare

 Japanese ?mm Mountain Gun - Infantry (Man Portable)

 Marsden Matting from Henderson Airfield

Updated Version

Updated Version


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